Thursday, June 12, 2014


Where Does Frustration/Stress
Come From?
---Frustration/Stress does NOT happen when the events of our life give us meaning, satisfaction or an enjoyable experience. If we've spent a certain amount of time with someone/something very special and we enjoyed quality time...then we probably have a pretty stress free relationship. If this is going on then we undoubtedly feel very good about things.

---When it is NOT this and the excess energy that is produced by the interaction finds a place that affects us negatively...we may say that we are acting stressed or frustrated. When the energy produced by our relating to someone/something is negative it causes frustration/stress and can be known as a stressor. An energy is negative or positive depending on its affect on our demeanor.

---It once again must be said that negative or positive comes from how we view what it is that we are interacting with. We usually have a good time with things we like and a bad time with things we don't like.

---To work on our perspectives and how we view things...we go to our values, attitudes and behaviors. These govern the way that we see things. Be Well.

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